How to Swim

Teaching your dog how to swim can be new territory for you. Swimming is one way that your dog can get exercise. There are some breeds of dogs that are naturals in the water. Some however don’t enjoy it as much. If you decide to teach your dog how to swim, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. One of the most important things that you must arm yourself with is patience. Some dogs may take longer to learn than others. Some may hate the water completely. That is why you have to give it time. You can’t rush your dog to learn how to get through the water.

Start small. Try getting your dog into the water first. If your dog is hesitant, you can try bribing him/her with treats. Make the experience look fun and rewarding. You can also get into the water to motivate the dog if you are using a pool. You can alternatively start with a kiddy pool that will not be too intimidating for the dog. There are some dogs that may need flotation devices. As much as some breeds of dogs find it easy to float, some may drown in an instance. That is why it is important to know what breed of dog you are dealing with. Find out how your type of dog deals in the water.

If you are in the pool with the dog, try some fun games. You can splash around the water to get the dog used to it. When you are doing this in the pool rather than from a distance, your dog will feel more at ease. During the lessons, try and find somewhere that’s quiet. The last thing you need is your dog getting distracted.  Make sure you give clear instructions when teaching your dog how to swim. You must make the dog feel relaxed. Avoid barking orders or raising your voice. Maintain a certain routine. Your dog should know when its time to get in the water.